Objective : Capture Opportunities in Industry

  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is seeking a Joint Venture / strategic alliance from a prospective partner. Mutual trust is a key requirement.
  • Monetary rewards shall be shared mutually.
  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. have established as quality manufacturer having three mfg plants with total covered area 100,000 Sq. Ft. TE now wants to enter new product & new markets to grab huge opportunities available worldwide.
  • Prospective partner can enter developed market using India as a low cost production centre. This mean increased profit margins & economic value addition over competitors.
  • Revenue through Technology transfer - prospective partner can gain monetary benefits by transferring technology & later on outsource the R & D services & product development unit to low cost but technologically strong country.
  • New plants always tend to move to countries & regions like India, China with better growth prospects & where a socio-economic & political environment is stable as well as predictable.
  • Pune is strategically/logistically located & havs best engineering facilities. Pune is a cultural capital & Climate is most suitable.
  • TUSAR FABENGINEERS PVT. LTD. maintains a vision of becoming a professionally managed Indian multinational, committed to total customer satisfaction & enhance the shareholders value. It will host a culture of caring, trust & continuous bearing while meeting expectations of shareholders.
  • Key Personnel - T. T. Pahuja - A Technocrat educated in engineering / management and spiritually. He has 30 years of industrial experience. Tusar Engineers was promoted by him after having 14 years of service with M/s Thermax Limited. The old strategies were effective so far as he was striving on building on existing competencies, products & markets. But with objective of business expansion, it has become imperative to adopt new strategies.

This need for strategic shifts is not only true for Tusar, but also for joint venture partner.
- Benefits to JV Partner
- A fast growth opportunity
- Already existing infrastructure
- Sound business fundamentals
- Equity partnership
- Easy entry to growing Indian Market
- Reach world markets with India as manufacturing hub
- Consistent returns on investment to the tune of 38%.
- 100% trustworthy partner

We are manufacturer and our setup is situated at Pimpri, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )